About us

About your growers...

Welcome to our farm! We are the Dursch Family- Andy, Kris & three younger humans that sometimes like to help out on the farm. Andy is the tomato guy, takes on the flame weeding duties and likes to do the hard, grueling work on the property (and also has a full time job). Kris loves to research all things related to market gardening and takes care of all other aspects of growing, maintaining, harvesting and selling at the farm (and helps the three younger humans with learning and growing, as well). We began selling vegetables and herbs beginning in 2020. We’ve lived on our property in Lebanon, Ohio for 15 years and in Ohio our whole lives… we think it’s pretty great here!

We are a small market garden using natural growing methods that work with the Earth to provide fresh, clean produce for our community. We use row covers, handpicking and beneficial organisms to mitigate pest damage. Weeds in our garden are managed with hand tools and flame weeding and are never sprayed with chemicals. Compost and organic amendments are used to build our soil to produce beautiful, great tasting food. We are not Certified Organic at this time, but we eat everything we grow and prefer it to grocery store organic. If you are curious to learn more about our growing methods, we’ll be happy to talk with you about them!

We feel fortunate to be able to grow food for our community! Thank you for being interested in and supporting small, local farms. Please let us know if you have any questions!